At Plan Group, we create vibrant new facilities that provide people with safe, comfortable, inspiring environments for working and living. We also breathe new life into existing facilities by intelligently upgrading internal systems and core structural elements.

There are many reasons for retrofitting a building, and Plan Group delivers on them all. From improving amenities to maximizing building performance, we draw on our deep experience across our multiple trades to satisfy the needs of your buildings’ occupants.

We have exceptional expertise in implementing new technologies to dramatically decrease energy and water usage, resulting in significant cost savings as well as reduced burden on our environment.

Many of our engagements require a complete refurbishment of a building. These are opportunities we relish, as we bring all of our integrated expertise to the project to completely transform a structure – not just to its original state, but to something above and beyond – A Living Building. Our experts specialize in every discipline a retrofitting or refurbishing assignment may require: electrical, mechanical, technology, proactive maintenance, structured cabling, building systems and industrial controls.

From aesthetics and tenant amenities to mechanical systems, Plan Group will transform any aspect of your existing structure, creating intelligent works of art that are energy efficient, ergonomically superior and thoroughly inspiring.