Plan Group’s entire Senior Management Team is fully vaccinated, and they’re taking to our Instagram account to share their #VaxPlan stories.

Like people all across Canada, Plan Group’s Senior Management Team (SMT) took many factors into consideration when making the decision to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Some got their shot as soon as they were eligible, and others watched, read, and researched to make sure the decision was right for them.

Starting this week and over the next few months, each member of the SMT will be sharing their Covid-19 vaccine story on Instagram, to help raise vaccine awareness and hoping to inspire others do their research and to roll up their sleeves.

Head over to @PlanGroupOfficial to follow along, and if you’d like, share your own #VaxPlan story in the comments section.

We have developed this page as a resource for our employees and the community.  We commit to updating this space as new information becomes available and as our Exposure Control Program, and the pandemic, evolve.

We continue to encourage our team to self-monitor and stay home if they are not feeling well.

Our Covid-19 hotline remains available to receive your questions 24/7 by calling: 1-855-255-3603


Nous avons développé cette page comme une ressource pour nos employés et la communauté. Nous nous engageons à mettre à jour cet espace au fur et à mesure que de nouvelles informations deviennent disponibles et que notre programme de contrôle de l’exposition évolue.

Nous encourageons notre équipe à s’auto-surveiller et à rester à la maison si elle ne se sent pas bien.

Notre hotline Covid-19 reste disponible pour recevoir vos questions 24/7, en appelant: 1-855-255-3603 ou vous pouvez envoyer un courriel à

Daily Screening Questionnaire

In Ontario, all employees and essential visitors are asked to complete this questionnaire prior to arriving to Plan Group offices. If you’re working on site and complete a similar form during your PSI or Toolbox talk, you do not have to complete this one.


Why is Plan Group collecting proof of vaccine status?

  • We are collecting this data in response to our clients’ requirements.
  • The nature of our business is to work alongside our clients, their employees, guests and community members, often inside clients’ operating facilities.
  • We must respect proof of vaccination is important to many of them, and enact reasonable measures to ensure we can continue to employ and deploy staff safely and effectively.

Where will this information be stored?

  • All vaccination status declarations, supporting receipts, and rapid antigen test results are being kept in a secure, online location.
  • Any hardcopies received are logged and then immediately destroyed.

 Who will have access to this data?

  • Plan Group takes staff privacy and confidentiality matters seriously.
  • Access to status declarations and vaccine receipts is by a limited number of Plan Group’s Health & Safety and HR staff.
  • Access is only done to verify compliance with our Proof of Vaccine Status policy and/or to confirm Plan Group can truthfully complete written client attestation requests.

 How is this information used?

  • Plan Group does not share the private and confidential details of our employees and staff with external parties.
  • When asked to submit attestation forms to clients for particular project sites, we attest that Plan Group staff dispatched have been fully vaccinated, and do not share personal details like names or vaccine statuses.
  • Staff vaccine status information is only used to verify compliance with our Proof of Vaccine Status policy and/or to confirm Plan Group can truthfully complete written client attestation requests.

I have training, a meeting, etc. at head office (2740 Steeles Ave West). What do I have to do?

  • Beginning November 1, all employees, field staff and guests entering a Plan Group office in Ontario must provide proof of full vaccination.
  • You can show your vaccine receipt at reception upon arrival.
  • Alternately, if you do not submit proof of full vaccination, proof of a negative rapid antigen test administered within 48 hours prior entering the office will be required. Test results are valid for 48 hours only.
  • Negative test results must be sent directly to prior to your regular work start time, or shown at reception upon arrival.
  • Plan Group will not be responsible for administering or paying for rapid antigen tests.

 I have to visit a project site in Ontario that requires proof of vaccination. What do I do?

  • Effective immediately in all cases where a client or general contractor has specified vaccination requirements, all Plan Group field staff and office employees attending their work sites will be required to meet those requirements.

 I work outside of Ontario. Why haven’t I received a request to submit my vaccine status information?

  • Plan Group is taking a province-by-province approach to status declaration. This approach follows Canada’s healthcare system.
  • At this time, we are focused on all Plan Group employees, field staff, and visitors at Ontario offices and project sites.
Last update: September 23, 2021


Dernière mise à jour le 23 septembre 2021

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