Health & Safety

If we’re fanatical about creating spaces for our customers that uphold the highest health and safety standards – and we are – you can imagine what our own workplace is like. At Plan Group, our environment reflects the same belief we apply to all our projects: that a productive workplace starts with the comfort and protection of those in it. We aim for an injury-free, accident-free workplace. And we treat our staff with the care and attention they deserve, enabling their performance by maximizing their well-being.

Not only do we take care of our employees, we also insist that they take care of each other. If you’re a member of the Plan Group family, you know that health and safety are fundamental to the way we do things. Staff at every level are responsible both for acting in a way that reflects our corporate safety policy and for being conscious of the security of their colleagues. We look out for ourselves, and we look out for each other.