Green Energy

As one of North America’s most innovative technical services providers, it’s only natural that Plan Group is a recognized leader in green energy technology.

Residential or commercial, we combine deep expertise and ingenuity to provide technologically advanced, turnkey energy solutions. From design to construction, Plan Group listens, understands, innovates and delivers – whether it’s an array of solar panels or a full HVAC upgrade at a nuclear facility. Every green energy project has different requirements, so every solution we develop is unique.

We have the experience and know-how to bring each of these projects to life – on schedule and according to budget – no matter how intricate or challenging. When the leaders of Chalk River Laboratories asked us to replace the entire interior of a radiological lab, which included welding stainless steel piping in a confined space near the roof, we had our employees complete special training to get the job done right. We isolated the area and enclosed the pipe chase with fire-retardant blankets. We placed people above and below the work area with fire extinguishers at the ready. And just in case, we had the fire department on standby.

We did this while our carpenters were changing the floors and ceilings; our HVAC team was installing a new ventilation system that included state-of-the-art fume hoods. Our electricians were changing all of the conduits and panels. The plumbing team was upgrading pipes and fixtures.

We don’t believe in talking about why the job can’t get done. We prefer to get excited about finding the right solutions, and we know how to deliver. We’re proud that this project served as a prototype for over 300 hundred other labs within the overall site.

We’ve leveraged strategic partnerships with top energy providers and experts across the country to deliver over a dozen high profile, complex solar projects. Over the course of seven months, we installed more than 850 kW of solar panels on nine different residential building sites in the Toronto area. In the following year, we successfully installed an additional 4.5 MW of panels on 31 separate sites.

Our capabilities reach far beyond installations. We also partner with you to provide procurement, logistics and engineering design. In fact, we’ve designed active sites ranging from 200kW to 500kW through our professional engineering services.

Green energy projects demand specialized knowledge, customized design, and intelligent delivery. That’s exactly what we provide – along with the insight to see around corners and anticipate opportunities.

The Plan Group promise also includes full audits, thorough production reports and proactive maintenance. It’s our way of ensuring that your system is always running seamlessly, and that we’re always just a phone call away. Let us help you transform your green strategy into reality today.