Critical Power

Data centres are the brains of our world today. Industrial in scale, with appetites for power the size of small towns, data centres house and protect the essential computer, storage and telecommunications systems that make modern life possible.

With the pace of innovation surging forward, it’s no longer enough that data centres keep up with change. Today they must be future-proof in philosophy, design and practice. They must scale to provide more storage, in more centralized locations, with increasing cloud integration, and smarter built-in efficiencies. For these reasons, Plan Group is in high demand for data centre and critical power engagements of all types and sizes.

We have extensive experience designing, building and proactively maintaining data centres across a wide range of industries: medical, pharmaceutical, financial institutions,broadcasters, government services, high technology, large hotels, among other sectors.

With roots deep in the construction industry, we combine on-the-ground expertise and savvy with full discretion and sensitivity. We are your trusted partner. We understand that securing your customers’ information is at the heart of everything you do, so we protect that information as if it were our own.

Our prowess in data centre engagements gives us the ability to visualize the project before it unfolds, bringing insights and ingenuity to the table that provide often unexpected time and money saving efficiencies.

The shining star of our data centre expertise is Plan Group’s network cabling group. Simply best in class, our growing staff of high quality RCDDs and field resources are highly specialized, experts. With years of accumulated data centre cabling experience, plus state of the art on- and off-site equipment, we have the ability to quickly and intelligently deploy the appropriate resources for your data centre project – no matter what the size or complexity.

Talk to us today about your data centre and critical power needs, ideas and plans. We combine cross-disciplinary expertise, discretion, keen foresight and passion to bring your data centre to life, safely and securely – and keep it alive, moment to moment, each and every day, so that life as we know it can continue without ever skipping a beat.

How we have helped our clients