Whether for vital health services, education or pure entertainment, experiences come to life through fully integrated sound and imagery.

Plan Group’s audio/visual experts provide the technology and ingenuity needed to infuse structures with visual and auditory information that creates truly immersive experiences. From lighting controls and touch panels to projector screens, hidden speakers, ceiling and wall mounted monitors – and the AV cabling that intelligently links this magic together – we design, procure and install it all.

Your Plan Group AV team makes the process of integration seamless – and painless – by ensuring timely provision and acceptance of all third party suppliers into your AV plan. Because of our extensive expertise in the field, we come to each engagement armed with the instincts to anticipate technical gaps, and respond with intelligent, tailored solutions that complete your AV integration plan.

Talk to us today about your AV requirements. We’ve built our passion and innovative thinking into many complex, high profile AV engagements, including TIFF Bell Lightbox, Humber College, Niagara Health Services and many others. Our experts will have your infrastructure ready to press play – on time and on budget – to realize the full potential of your structures through vibrant AV experiences.

How we have helped our clients