Airports and transit systems energize towns, cities and countries by moving people efficiently to and from the places they work, live and play. Our Transportation Group plays a key role by providing intelligent structures and systems that help maintain that flow. This is our ingenuity in motion.

Our highly specialized transportation experts represent each of the Plan Group disciplines – Electrical to Mechanical, Technology, Proactive Maintenance, Structured Cabling, Building Systems and Industrial Controls.

We perform a wide range of projects in the transportation industry. This includes engagements related to integration services for buses, trains, airports, and any peripheral structure necessary for the fluid operation of these crucial modes of transport. From bus, subway and train stations to maintenance depots and signal systems, and international airports, we bring our ingenuity and passion to all of our engagements.

Our team is widely known for its strength, foresight, ingenuity and innovative thinking. Our team members are your genuine, long-term business partners – and the reason why so many of our clients have sole sourced multi-year service level agreements with us.

We focus on government agencies that support transit, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), consultants, as well as construction companies involved in transit related projects. We target six specialty market segments: Fare Management, Signaling (including OCS and Traction Power), Service/Maintenance, CAD/AVL, Major Construction, and Special Works.

As a local integrator, we have the unique ability to leverage our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide full turnkey solutions to clients and end users. Organizations such as GO, TTC, OC Transpo – and airports in Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton and Nassau Bahamas – rely on our capabilities, scalable workforce and strict quality control to meet the stringent demands of their end users.

We leverage our experience in large-scale deployment, engineering, design and manufacturing abilities to implement fare management and computer aided dispatch systems across the GTAA and Ottawa. We also design, manufacture and retrofit driver train consoles for a large service provider’s entire fleet of trains.  In fact, every service provider within the GTA, including Mississauga Transit, York Transit and GO Transit, benefits from this leading edge technology.

We’re proud of the role we play in dramatically improving how transit is monitored and optimized, providing people with efficient transportation they can rely on day in and day out. Let’s talk about the innovative solutions we can implement for your transit system.

How we have helped our clients