Manufacturing / Pharmaceutical

At Plan Group, one unwavering belief unifies us: Nothing is more important than securing the safety of the products, foods and medicines our clients produce for the world. We appreciate the substantial investment of time, money and care our clients devote to earning and keeping the confidence of their customers and the public. So when we partner with you to build and maintain the facilities that nourish and keep us healthy, we never forget that what we’re really building is trust.

Our commitment to addressing security and health concerns is one of the prime reasons Owners and Contractors single out Plan Group for their projects. They rely on our expertise to not only deliver to specification, but to anticipate when and where security and health safety issues could surface. They count on our insight to identify opportunities for innovation. We combine ingenuity with leading edge technology to evolve the ways manufacturers ensure the safety of products for people everywhere.

We apply the same determination, rigor and innovative thinking to the security of data in these industries. With on-the-ground construction expertise and a full appreciation of the need for discretion, we are true and trusted partners. We understand the sensitivity of data and product security, and do everything we can to protect the valuable information and intellectual property of every client.

Our rich history across a range of engagements includes work for AstaZeneca, Biovail, Senofi Pasteur, TEVA Pharmacy Solutions and Maple Leaf Foods. Our experts transform ideas and plans into reality by creating technologically advanced new structures. We also expand on existing facilities, developing innovative new ways to improve on current methods and achieve even greater levels of security.

At Plan Group, we relish the chance to harness the depth of our expertise and power of our imagination to meet the various tiers of requirements for high tech laboratories of all types, such as our work for MaRS and the University of Toronto.

Talk to us today about your manufacturing needs. We draw on our cross-disciplinary expertise, discretion, instincts and passion to secure the safety of your products and research. We turn your vision into living, breathing facilities that are so integral to the needs of society today.