Behind the concrete and glass of every financial institution is an intricate infrastructure of diverse technologies. We integrate and harmonize them all – electrical, mechanical, environmental conditioning, inside structured cabling, life safety systems and more – to bring these impressive structures and systems to life. And we go beyond the technology to complete entire facilities, from the design/build phase through to ongoing maintenance.

Through our deep skills, hard-earned technical knowledge and patent diligence, we provide you with the peace of mind of knowing these spaces will be safe, clean and efficient. From boutique firms to large, multinational financial institutions, we approach every job with the same determination. We listen first, and then ask the right questions. We assess the big picture – and every detail within it. We bring our full, multi-trade knowledge and expertise to bear with a holistic plan that assures a seamless, transformative execution. The result is an environment that’s smart and flexible. With technology working its magic in the background, your staff and customers can get things done in complete comfort and safety. And you can enjoy the confidence of knowing your facility is performing to its peak potential.

Projects: Bank of America, Bank of Nova Scotia, Canadian Securities Institute, Capital One, CI Investments, CIBC, CITI Group, Dundee, Securities Group, Dundee Wealth Management, Franklin Templeton Investments, GE Securities Canada, Gluskin Sheff & Associates, GMP Securities, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Investors Group, Mackenzie Financial Corporation, Manulife Financial, Maple, Securities Canada Ltd., National Bank of Canada, OHM Securities, Ontario Securities Commission, RBC Guelph, RBC Stratford, RBC Trading Floor, TD Bank, UBS Securities