Health & Safety

It goes without saying that health and safety come first at Plan Group – but we like to say it anyway. We have a dedicated Health and Safety department devoted to upholding the highest industry standards, but it doesn’t stop there. What we’re proudest of is the individual attention every one of us gives to health and safety as part of our jobs. Through the company’s IRS program, everyone at Plan Group has a personal mandate to take initiative on the health and safety issues that directly impact his or her role. IRS ensures that everyone, no matter their title or responsibilities, keeps health and safety at the forefront, and that together we seek to solve problems and make improvements continuously. By maintaining this individual and collective commitment, we stay safer and healthier, for longer, and that means we can create safer, healthier environments for the people who matter most: our customers.

Here are some of our specific health and safety highlights:

  • Under the sponsorship of Electrical Contractors of Toronto, we’ve completed seven years of the WSIB Safety Groups Program. As part of the Safety Group Steering Committee, we were asked to help guide 30 other electrical contractors in Toronto on how to establish, maintain and continuously improve their company’s overall safety record and program. Our previous Health and Safety Manager, Harry Thurlow, and our current Health and Safety Manager, Steve Thrasher, each served as co-chairs of this committee for several years.
  • We’ve earned PCL’s quarterly safety award – given for demonstration of commitment to safety on the job – multiple times, on sites including Durham Courthouse, RBC Centre, Niagara Health Care Complex & Walker Family Cancer Centre, and York University Archives.
  • We’ve maintained a flawless record with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, incurring no charges for violations of The Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations.
  • Steve Thrasher chairs a sub-committee with The Electrical Contractors of Ontario that consists of other electrical contractors and The Office of Employer Advisor. The Committee’s mandate is to discuss and address WSIB policies and initiatives within the trade.
  • We successfully received CORTM certification in Nova Scotia and Ontario. This accomplishment provides immediate proof that Plan Group Inc. has an effective health and safety management system in place, demonstrating our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and giving us a competitive advantage over our competition.

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