Toronto Pearson

Greater Toronto Airport Authority /

Airports are among the most technologically complex structures on earth. To function safely and efficiently, every aspect of every system must perform without flaw – a vast network of disparate parts, big and small, fully synchronized to support the most essential mode of transportation for people and business around the world today.

When it came time to decide who would perform various infrastructure improvements at Toronto’s Pearson – one of the busiest airports in North America – only the most highly respected technical service providers were considered. Ultimately it was Plan Group who was awarded the work. Our reputation for uncompromising attention to detail, safety, expertise and ingenuity gave project leaders at the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA) the reassurance they needed to make the right decision.

With a strong core team in place, Plan Group began absorbing every detail of every plan, gathering the knowledge required to provide us with a holistic view of the entire project. Through meticulous preplanning and the foresight we’ve developed from our experience with other airport facilities, we were able to envision exactly how the project would unfold. We anticipated issues. Uncovered opportunities. We brought our hard-earned insights to bear, before the first shovel broke earth.

Over the following three years, Plan Group installed a number of critical systems in airside work environments. Central to the engagement was our installation of Structured Cabling – a telecommunications cabling infrastructure comprised of a series of standardized smaller elements, or subsystems.

Other key installations included lighting, power, Fire Alarm systems and CCTV/security systems with emergency power and UPS backup.

The result is the Toronto Pearson of today that so many people depend on. Modern. Efficient. Safe and welcoming. This world-class facility is a technological marvel, supported by an infrastructure that seamlessly provides light, uninterruptable power, security and safety, 24 hours a day.

Yet despite all the tightly integrated, leading-edge technology, the real magic of Pearson is its ability to bring loved ones together. To send business people where they need to be. To play an essential role in the lives and livelihoods of so many Canadians. It is work we are extremely proud of, and the perfect example of what we do best – bring visions and ideas to life.