RBC Capital Markets Trading Floor / 2013

At a bank, information has to move. Which means a trading facility can’t be anything less than optimally efficient and fully productive. In the heart of Toronto’s humming Financial District, Royal Bank of Canada’s dual skyscrapers house a supercentre of activity and connection. When RBC needed leading experts to install a new Trading Floor to connect the towers, they looked to Plan Group. Our dedicated engineering and design experts took a holistic view of the task to meet the challenges of a tight timeline and complex technical demands. RBC had recently acquired Dominion Securities, and needed to combine two Trading Floors into one as quickly as possible. We used our expertise and creativity to extricate two oversized escalators that had to be removed from the building in one massive piece. We brought a good measure of inventiveness to this project by designing and installing an all-new cable-bracket system to house multiple runs of coreflex power feeders, linking the new Trading Floor UPS (uninterruptable power supplies) on the 2nd floor to Diesel Generators on the 41st floor! This is an engineering feat yet to be replicated anywhere.

When the RBC Capital Markets Trading Floor was finally completed – on time and on budget – the information started to flow. 600 traders sprung into action. In recognition of the project’s groundbreaking engineering achievements, Plan Group was one of the top three nominees for Unique Project of the Year award.

We live to break new ground. These are our moments to shine – when our ingenuity and foresight is needed most. This is what makes us so proud of our work on this significant project.