Maple Leaf Foods

Operations Processing Plant / 2012

The Client:

Maple Leaf Foods is one of Canada’s leading food processing companies and agribusinesses. Founded nearly a century ago as a result of the merger of several major Toronto meat packers, Maple Leaf Foods employs over 20,000 people throughout the country.

Their Challenge:

The food processing industry is, by necessity, highly scrutinized. When Maple Leaf Foods decided to build a new plant in Hannon, Ontario, for its processing operations, they knew it had to be highly efficient and designed for optimum safety. They needed partners who could help them deliver against these key criteria without compromise.

Plan Group’s Solution:

Plan Group is working closely with Maple Leaf’s owners, engineers and construction manager to develop an electrical scheme that easily fits within the overall plan and ensures a highly productive, and highly controlled, environment.

We are modifying a number of installation features to facilitate construction and maintenance, including routing of main high-voltage feeders to the building exterior, improving process-area lighting, and altering process cabling from conduit to teck cable and tray to optimize efficiency. The timeline is tight, the environment challenging and equipment delays frequent. But we are quick on our feet – reacting and adjusting accordingly, getting the most out of every hour to stay on track and finish the job right.

The Result:

Maple Leaf Foods’ new processing facility is well on its way to completion. We understand how critical it will be to the company’s operations. We are passionate about our role in helping to ensure it will run smoothly, product efficiently, and operate securely.