Humber River Hospital

North America’s first fully digital hospital / 2015

The Client:

Humber River Hospital is one of Canada’s largest regional acute care hospitals, serving more than 850,000 people in the northwest Toronto area.

Their Challenge:

Although long praised for its commitment to patient care, the hospital embarked on an important transition—one that took it from a hospital constrained by the limitations of aging technologies and building philosophies, to a facility nationally and globally recognized as a leader in quality healthcare services. Spring 2015 brought upon substantial completion and the hospital opened its doors to patients in October of that same year. The new Humber River Hospital offers approximately 1.8 million square feet of space, making it the largest acute care hospital in the Greater Toronto Area.

Plan Group’s Solution:

Our design team is worked closely with the architects, contractors, end users and building partners involved in this four-year project to realize a plan for North America’s first fully digital hospital. Our shared vision is of borderless service – no barriers to information, no interruption in the flow, every aspect of care integrated seamlessly and efficiently. This will help ensure data is available where and when it’s needed, greatly assisting medical staff in their life-saving work.

Humber River Hospital exemplifies all that is lean and green.  Sustainable principles were emphasized from the beginning, leading to a design that maximizes daylight, incorporates green roofs and adheres to LEED guidelines. Pneumatic chute technology ensures that contaminated materials go directly from point of use to disposal systems. It’s Lean. Green. And lasting.

Plan Group installed several Electrical systems and integrated a number of systems using its ICAT (Information Communications and Automation Technologies) business unit.

The Result:

As the first fully digital hospital in North America, Humber River Hospital uses the most current technologies possible to enhance all aspects of quality care delivery, improving efficiency, accuracy, reliability and safety.

The digital vision successfully aligned the physical and digital characteristics of the hospital, which enabled a new level of staff and patient experience through workflow automation.

As a result, the patient journey throughout the Hospital is highly visible, easier to navigate, more interactive and significantly more patient-centred.

For more details on this project, check out our fact sheet.