George Brown College

Health Sciences Waterfront Campus / 2012

A smart building for smarter students.

We’re thrilled to tell you about our role in bringing the George Brown Health Sciences Campus to life in Toronto. This state-of-the-art facility is purpose-built to emphasize the inter-professional, team-based future of healthcare.

Plan Group’s construction team members leveraged all of their learning and insight to provide design input and installation of a wide range of essential systems. This included all high voltage and low voltage power distribution systems, emergency and critical power generation systems, uninterrupted power for critical life safety systems and general emergency designated loads, information transport systems, distributed antenna systems, and wireless network access systems.

We’re proud of our collaborations with our partners. We worked closely with Honeywell Controls to design and install the building automation system. And we partnered with SimplexGrinnel to equip the building with the latest in fire alarm and security system technology.

Plan Group designed and installed the latest, most efficient lighting equipment and associated controls throughout the structure. This addressable lighting system can harvest daylight and adjust lighting levels accordingly. It can dim, turn off or turn on lighting according to occupancy sensors. And it minimizes energy consumption through smart-time scheduling. Our strategy even included revolutionary blinds, which automatically react to optimize lighting levels throughout the building.

How does all this innovative thinking translate into numbers? The building design yields reductions of 30% in energy consumption, 40% in water usage, and an astonishing 90% in waste diversion.

Architecturally striking and brilliantly advanced, this facility pushes educational and institutional boundaries to ensure that graduates are collaborative-practice ready. At Plan Group, we’re proud of the part we played in its creation, infusing the concrete and glass with our passion and ingenuity.