Data Centres

Transforming Ideas Into Reality / 2013

Today’s data centres need to perform. As the pace of innovation increases and the need for power continues to rise, companies must ensure their information is created, shared and organized with efficiency and accuracy. From virtualization of server workloads to cloud migration, modern IT demands are complex.

Most companies today don’t have the time, resources or specialized knowledge to meet these demands. The majority of today’s IT budgets are applied to maintaining existing environments instead of improving efficiencies. Power consumption grows annually but in-house capabilities lag behind. The result is inefficient facilities and underutilized energy assets.

Enter Plan Group. We design and implement state-of-the-art data centres, bringing them to life intelligently to optimize energy, reduce risk and minimize IT costs. Over the past five years, we’ve built over 20 best-in-class data centres—including one of the first Uptime Institute -Certified Tier IV data centres in North America—making us the industry leader for projects of all sizes and types. Our multidisciplinary expertise and dedicated oversight means we create brilliantly responsive, high-performing data hubs that deliver without fail on the needs of today and seamlessly accommodate the demands of tomorrow.

Our aligned, integrative approach gives us the power to execute with precision and address issues without delay. We work with a roster of top engineers and consultants across the continent, allowing us to match the right resources to every job. We build adaptable, cost-effective facilities tailored to a range of industries and tiers. Our expertise across disciplines positions us uniquely to build, service and maintain the centres we develop, ensuring that information is always moving where it should be. No untimely hiccups. No costly errors that compromise business performance.

We start by studying every detail of your requirements. We get a clear view of the big picture, anticipating the particular challenges, and opportunities for innovation, that we’ll face as the job progresses, before it even starts. Then we design a customized solution that combines our vast experience with access to the most advanced equipment and most proven systems. Our data infrastructures are specific, scalable and secure—and we manage them proactively so that you can free up resources to work on other initiatives. We constantly monitor the availability, capability and efficiency of your power, making sure your energy investment is being put to proper use.

In today’s business environment, data is lifeblood. Plan Group helps ensures your vital data flows – and continues flowing – to the places it is needed.